Public-Private Dialogue on Cyber Security

FRIDAY 20/10, 10:00 — 11:00

Location: THE MALL

Increasingly, security is a central issue for companies; in fact, the protection of corporate infrastructure and web applications, increasingly mobile, is now essential to ensure Business Continuity, Brand Reputation and Customer Satisfaction.

The development of technology has been faster than politics, laws and rules: there is a need to establish principles, ethical and behavioral, that allow a clear dialogue between institutions on the one hand and businesses on the other, aimed at making browsing safer and faster for all users.

Nunzia Ciardi, Deputy General Director of the National Cybersecurity Agency

Claudio De Paoli, Equity Partner & Head of CyberSec BIP

Ivano Gabrielli, Director of the Postal Police

Luigi Guaragna, Head of Global Cyber Security, Eni

Gianluca Pometto, Group CISO UniCredit

Stefano Vaninetti, Director Cyber Security Sales – CISCO South EMEA

Host: Barbara Carfagna, RAI journalist

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